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The Garry Moore Show - Misc 1955 Episode

Published 1955

I thought I had already uploaded this, but I can't find it. I don't know if this is a complete episode or not, but here's 43 minutes of "The Garry Moore Show" from 1955, featuring original commercials for products like Lux dishwashing liquid, Franco-American canned foods, and Sta-Flo liquid starch. A delightful daytime series with comedy, music, and talk. Certainly much better than that sleeping-pill show hosted by that lipton-tea addict.

Run time 43 minutes 18 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: 40sShortysGirl - - April 14, 2012
Subject: Great Footage!
45 minutes of pure enjoyment! Being a great fan of Ken Carson, I about fell out of my chair when I found this. Old commercials, music, advertisements and--you get to see Ken (Or Shorty) Carson dressed up in a wig and false teeth. Priceless! Footage of the Garry Moore show is very hard to come by (at least in my research), and this is a gem! My only complaint is that there's only one of these shows up on Archive. ;)